Sustainability is an integral part of mcare group’s business

It is ecological to repair and recycle devices in need of service instead of disposing of them. mcare takes care of the lifecycle management of our customers’ ICT devices: mcare repairs devices and thus lengthens their lifecycle considerably, buys back devices that can still be used and then, at the end of the cycle, recycles the devices. This is a sustainable, responsible, and financially solid approach to ICT device management for any company or organisation.  

When repairing a customer’s devices, mcare uses only original spare parts from the device manufacturer. This means that the raw materials used in the device are known and the valuable minerals and metals are recycled sustainably. Most manufacturers who have authorised our services, especially Apple, are aware of the origins of their components’ raw materials and their supply chains are sustainable.

mcare group is the largest authorized Apple service provider in the Nordics. Today, mcare is responsible for 80% of Apple services in Finland and a considerable share in Sweden and Norway. Apple carefully controls the ethics and eco-friendliness of their delivery chain and our close cooperation with them requires that we respect their rules. Apple products are often more durable than some other ICT brands’ products and worth repairing for many years. mcare shares Apple’s values on sustainable development and is committed to their aims of achieving carbon neutrality and recyclable products. We share the same high standards as Apple and aim to also apply them to other brands we service. 

Our customers can entrust the transport of their devices to us. We ensure that our logistics chain is as carbon neutral as possible. We use either electric or hybrid vehicles and our logistics partners, especially the Nordic mail services, (Posti Group, PostNord Sverige and Posten Norge) are committed to their own ambitious sustainability programmes.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We nurture the responsible use of technology: repair, refurbish, reuse, and recycle. In addition to environmental sustainability, mcare group is passionate about taking good care of our employees and our customers. We repair ICT devices, but we work in the service business where people and their wellbeing are what matter most in the end. We create local ICT jobs in the Nordic countries and our international expert teams are our greatest asset.
Joel Mansnerus
mcare group Founder
Senior Advisor, Board Member